The continuous change, the perpetual energy of flowing, chasing each other endlessly, like sea waves, like ocean currents. This is Marea (Tide).

Gismondi1754 marea bracelet 1

The one-of-a-kind Marea bracelet, inspired by the continuous movement of the sea, is a hymn to vitality, energy and dynamism. Its organic design, characterized by sinuous curves that follow one another on different levels, is the purest expression of the stylistic aspects of Gismondi 1754.

Gismondi1754 marea bracelet 03

White gold draws an incredible dynamic labyrinth of full and empty spaces illuminated by 50.04 carats of diamonds. 31.14 carats of Tanzanite find space between the wider bends giving magical blue-violet shades.

Gismondi1754 marea massimo gismondi 5
Massimo Gismondi, CEO and creative director of Gismondi 1754