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A truly unique one-of-a-kind creation, for the poetic inspiration that drove the creative soul of Massimo Gismondi, the innovative realization technique and for the beauty of 56.37 carat tanzanite.

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A splendid, strong blue drop, suspended in the air. Pure in its identity. And above all, the center of it all. A drop born and supported by a swirl of light in the air. Like a child ready at last, grown and free to show their uniqueness to the world, supported in their choices by the family.

A poetic idea that to be created in all its delicate beauty, was a huge technical challenge, completed after 6 months of research and hard work.

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To best represent the center of everything, this child, now a teenager, Massimo Gismondi has selected a magnificent 56.37 carat tanzanite, wrapped in and supported by 63.21 carats of diamonds.

Here, the typical lightness of Gismondi 1754 creations is pushed to the extreme. The purity of the gems is exalted by a suspended construction, with no setting, the result of an innovative goldsmithing technique.

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A necklace that is an ode to joy to the new life of a child looking to the future, the new life of a family that is always and anyway present, to Vita - Life itself, a gift in constant evolution.

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