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"Love has no boundaries it is true but it can only excel with Peace" - says Massimo Gismondi in defining the collection. "Peace has a thousand facets: the peace of looks, that of feelings, of the heart. With the colors of the most significant flag in the world, I wanted to contrast this difficult moment and make the colors of the best known stones as spokespersons for a colorful future and to give a sign of great attention to a feeling that involves us in this period, making us feel all close and united wearing the same message ".

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Previewed at VicenzaOro, the new line, with a classic design, is made contemporary by the captivating colors that Massimo Gismondi wanted to propose. Rings, Earrings and Bracelets made in a multitude of colors with sapphires, rubies and aquamarine. Each jewel is presented in one color and can be combined with all the collections of the Gismondi 1754 aesthetic lines.

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