Gismondi1754 anello gattopardo ph erdnacreative



A sculpture of light.

18 kt white gold ring, with 5.18 ct Marquise-cut Colombian emerald, 4.39 ct teardrop cut white diamonds and 2.02 ct round brilliant cut white diamonds, colour D/E/F.

Inspired by the deep gaze of the leopard, this piece took more than 300 hours to craft. Even before this, painstaking research was invested into finding the perfect stone; just the right one to evoke this sensation. The precious nature of the emerald has been further enhanced by the setting of white diamonds, where the gold, thanks to the meticulous work of the goldsmiths, seems to disappear into the air.


Gismondi1754 marea bracelet 1 copy

Bracelet with white diamonds and tanzanite.


The perpetual energy of the tide.

Bracelet in white gold, 18 kt with 50.04 ct white diamonds and 31.14 ct tanzanite.

The One-of-a-kind Marea, inspired by the continuous movement of the sea, is an ode to vitality, energy and dynamism. An organic design, characterised by sinuous curves that follow on at different levels, the purest expression of the style features of Gismondi 1754.

The white gold designs an incredible dynamic labyrinth of solids and voids, lit up by diamonds. Tanzanite lie between the broader meanders, adding magical blue and purple shades.

Bracelet with white diamonds and tanzanite.

A Hymn To Colour

Unravelling the classic jewel, exalting precious stones.

Gismondi1754 essenza collana

Necklace with tanzanite and diamonds.


Unravelling the classic jewel.

Necklace in 18 kt white gold, with 22.78 ct Tanzanites, 11.84 ct round brilliant cut white diamonds, and 2.25 ct teardrop cut white diamonds.

As with all the high jewellery in the GISMONDI 1754 range, this necklace has been produced with a technique to give the impression that the stones are “floating” in the air, achieved by virtue of a special process on the gold, which then tends to “disappear”.

250 hours to craft this very special necklace, designed in the same way as an architectural work, with each single element precious in itself while even more so when combined with others. Indeed the main waterfall element can be detached from the necklace, to be used as a single earring, making it a highly versatile jewel.

Necklace with tanzanite and diamonds.

Gismondi1754 raggio di sole necklace on black ph erdnacreative

Necklace with white and yellow pear diamonds.


A crown of rays.

Necklace in white gold, 18 kt with 27.83 ct white pear diamonds and 16.04 yellow pear diamonds.

Raggio di Sole took over 600 hours to make, in production for over 6 months.Constructing the necklace started with the center stone, a 5 ct. fancy yellow pear shaped diamond that reflects the brilliance of the sun. Surrounding it are 3 rings of matching yellow diamonds from which a burst of rays emit.

Each stone is set in a unique basket created like a shell supporting from the bottom up so the metal disappears and the stones appear to float. Not every ray is fully rigid, some begin to have movement as they descend further from the center, each with a different length.

Raggio di Sole has been created with gradated diamonds from yellow hues to bright white, with some intermittent and unexpected pops of yellow representing the lack of uniformity in every beam.

Necklace with white and yellow pear diamonds.

A Great History Of Italian Excellence

Massimo Gismondi, Group CEO, tells us of the great century-long history of Gismondi 1754, its values and future prospects.

Gismondi1754 collana insieme ph erdnacreative

Necklace with emeralds and white diamonds.


A meeting of two souls.

Necklace in 18 kt white gold, with 20.73 ct teardrop emeralds, and 15.28 ct teardrop cut white diamonds.

In this highly precious necklace, the stones are set in white gold, practically invisible to the eye, serving purely as support to these splendid stones making up the design, selected one by one to create the figurative effect of this jewel.

Necklace with emeralds and white diamonds.