pria rigc


In the genovese dialect PRIA DE MA means “stone from the sea”.

The small colour stone in this bracelet is a small piece of glass picked up from a group of children on the Boccadasse’ s shore. These little “stones from the sea” which in every child’s mind are imagined as precious stones, have been cut in our workshops in Valenza using the cutter machine we use to shape sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds.
For the first time in the jewellery history a piece of glass from the sand is cut and set as a precious stone. Inside each bracelet you will read the name of the kid who picked up the little Gem.

The profit of the sales (net from production costs) will be donate to the San Martino Hospital – neonatal department. The project will last one year.

Available in four versions:
1. Silver and twisted rope €149
2. In silver from €199
3. In rose gold €490
4. In gold and diamonds with twisted rope €490