Seven generations
one passion

Thanks to its flourishing trading activities, the Republic of Genoa became a wellspring of arts and crafts over the centuries.


a very distinct guild
was founded

A very distinct guild was founded – the Corporazione dei Favreghi. The guild brought together artisans and artists working with gold and silver, and was traditionally headquartered in Nostra Signora delle Vigne.


GIO BATTA gismondi
was born

It was here that Gio Batta Gismondi was born in 1754. In 1763 Gio Batta began his apprenticeship with a paternal uncle, and then went on to set up his own business on Via delle Vigne upon completing his training. He appears to have registered with the local Goldmisth Association as early as 1793.


pietro gismondi
moved workshop

In around 1880 Pietro Gismondi, a descendant of the founder, moved the goldsmith workshop into the historic Via Galata premises, in the former stable of the Centurione Palace. Years later, under Antonio’s leadership, the clientele of the company consisted mostly of members of the clergy, although the influence of Byzantine and Asian art soon became apparent in the manufacturing style due to the prosperous trading relations with local wayfaring merchants.


started diversifying

From the 1950s onwards, under the guidance of Antonio, Mario, Ferdinando and Paola, the manufacture of jewels and the restoration of silver antiques became increasingly important activities. At the same time the family members started diversifying production. Whereas some of them focussed mostly on religious art, others took a keen interest in jewellery – an interest that is nowadays pursued by the seventh generation.


granted the Gismondi
a unique award

In 1994 the Federargentieri (Italian Association of Silversmiths) granted the Gismondi a unique award, recognising the family company as one of the few high-quality businesses in the Italian manufacturing sector.


massimo joined the
family business

Unfortunately Antonio, Massimo’s father, passed away prematurely in 1995, which led the 23-year-old Massimo to join the family business alongside his uncle Ferdinando shortly afterwards. Massimo cooperated with Ferdinando, the last surviving artisan of the sixth generation, until 2011.

Much like his ancestor Francesco Battista, Massimo had a natural predisposition for jewellery and felt the need to start his own company. This is why he left his uncle’s business, even though he continues to cherish his proud heritage to this day. This separation marked the beginning of the company’s transition towards a leading, internationally recognised luxury jewellery brand with boutiques in Portofino, Sankt Moritz and London.


Massimo Gismondi was born in 1971 in Genoa, where he started learning the tricks of the trade at a tender age. He was destined by birth to become the heir and keeper of the invaluable family treasure – a century-old craftsmanship tradition which had been proudly passed down from father to son for six generations.
Massimo was well aware of the challenges that lay ahead. He drew on his love for art and his inherited craftsmanship to earn his Gemmology Diploma in 1994, specialising in diamond, pearl and coloured stone jewellery. Just like his ancestor Francesco Battista, he was so fascinated by the art of jewellery that he decided to make it his profession.

Sadly, in 1995, his father Antonio passed away. It was at this point that Massimo, still young, joined the family business alongside his uncle, Ferdinando. Not long afterwards, however, his passion for jewellery and desire to expand beyond national boundaries inspired him to start up his own business. In 2011 he moved out of the family company and, in due course, inaugurated prestigious boutiques in such wondrous locations as Portofino and Saint Moritz. Two years later, thanks to his previous success and tireless entrepreneurial spirit, Massimo set up shop in London, opening a further exclusive showroom in Mayfair.

“ Massimo is always open to new challenges, and his activity combines centuries of craftsmanship expertise with a meticulous attention to modernity. This makes him the perfect connecting link between the memory of a glorious past and enthusiasm for a radiant future.

In gismondi jewels the manufacturing excellence of the family tradition combines beautifully with the zest and passion of its youngest descendant. ”

“ Our company can now boast a variety of shops across europe as well as an international clientele. This is why we always strive to uphold our tradition while at the same time keeping up with fashion trends and contemporary customer tastes.”