Gismondi rediscovered a founding value for making dreams come true – exclusivity.

Owning a Gismondi jewel is to enjoy an exclusive luxury
It means to sport a creation that is often unique.

How is a Gismondi jewel made?

It all begins with a moment of inspiration, a starting point that knows no boundaries. All shapes, from the animal kindom and the world of art, can serve as a basis for Gismondi creations.

It is at this point that our craftsmanship expertise comes in to play. 10 goldsmiths and 3 gem-setters are tasked, with modelling raw matter, into the shapes of our visions, side by side with a Genoese designer who lived for over 30 years in Paris, working for one of the leading jewellery brands worldwide.

“ We develop and coordinate projects which have been commissioned to us by our clients, with a view to providing them with a taylor-made service ”

Ideas initially take shape on paper. We start out with a few sketches and work our way up to the final design, rendering it on waxed or parchment paper.

It is only at this stage, that in the atelier, we plan and prototype the final layout through computer processing. This is the last preliminary phase to the actual manufacturing of the jewel.

In Gismondi creations, all strictly made in Italy, past and future coexist.
The skilful combination of traditional goldsmiths craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques allows us to match up to the highest quality requirements.

“ Opening points of sale in several international locations is important because it allows us to personally attend to our clients’ needs ”